Terms of service

from 18.11.2017

Short and briefly:

  1. Usługa VAGLOGI jest bezpłatna.
  2. Registering an account requires your approval for processing your personal information, according to the Polish law (Ustawa o ochronie danych osobowych z dnia z 29 sierpnia 1997 r. (tekst jednolity: Dz. U. 02.101.926 ze zm.)), for administrative and marketing purporses.
  3. We reserve the right for deleting files from our server without providing any reason (i.e. some very old stuff).
  4. We do not take any responsibility for uploaded files. Please create backups by yourself.
  5. Maximum size of each file is 512KB, accepted are only CSV files from VCDS and VAG-COM software.
  6. This page uses Cookies for user tracking. You may disable or clear Cookies in Your browser settings.

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